A conceptual model for building Trauma-Informed Schools, Homes and Communities
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Her Experience

EagleFacesNoFeathers_smLinda’s particular approach integrates the work of several noted entities in the field of human development, psychological sciences, and indigenous healing practices. She studied with Venerable Dyhani Ywahoo, indigenous Cherokee teacher and founder of the Sunray Meditation Society & Peace Village; completed five years of inner child healing under Father John Alexis Viereck of the Interfaith Council of the United Nations; studied with Peter Levine during the development of his groundbreaking work on trauma; and adopted Italian psychologist, Dr. Roberto Assagioli’s, Psychosynthesis (also known as transpersonal psychology), and Ray Castinello’s Prenatal Psychology. This unconventional training ultimately led to the development of Reassociation—an ecological therapeutic framework, which integrates four philosophical models:

  • The Adawee Teachings, Cherokee for “Guardian of Wisdom”
  • Psychosynthesis, created by Dr. Roberto Assagioli
  • The Ancient Essence Code of Conduct, work by Dr. Edith Stauffer
  • Shamanism, an earth-centered wisdom for restoring wholeness and balance

Reassociation is a process through which people begin to recognize and own their uniqueness through honoring the existence of all things; this is their re-association. To honor something or someone changes the way one sees, thinks, feels, relates, and interacts with that entity. When someone or something is honored, its significance is recognized. Through the eyes of honor, the ordinary becomes extraordinary; a language and culture of Peace is thus created.

This new awareness is the foundation for the Honor Project (HP), which is a program that re-educates and heals individuals, families, and communities through school-based and community-based initiatives. The HP embarks upon positive social transformation by connecting children, parents, educators and community leaders developing a language and culture of Peace.